Infrequent Flyers Blair Athol 2006 - 15 Years Old - Whisky & Dreams Exclusive
Infrequent Flyers Blair Athol 2006 - 15 Years Old - Whisky & Dreams Exclusive
Infrequent Flyers Blair Athol 2006 - 15 Years Old - Whisky & Dreams Exclusive

Infrequent Flyers Blair Athol 2006 - 15 Years Old - Whisky & Dreams Exclusive

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AWW # 75



Cask: Refill bourbon hogshead
Style: Virgin Oak Finish
Colour: Golden, almost burnt amber
This is old school whisky. That is the simplest way to put it. Reminiscent of the days when bourbon cask whisky was king. Days when all these fancy cask finishes weren’t even thought of, and you drank whisky for the true characters of the distillery. These are the reasons I chose this cask for the first Infrequent Flyers Australian Exclusive release. 
The first thing you will notice when you take the bottle out of the canister is the colour of the whisky. A beautiful golden, almost burnt amber colour which ultimately wants to shimmer in the glass to catch your eye. 
Initially the nose will present a tropical burst and take you to the fruit jungles of a deserted island. Banana, coconut, pineapple, mango, and pawpaw are all present, some edging on the dried variety rather than fresh. After some time in the glass, you will start to detect what I feel is the standout character of this whisky, malt. Cereal, malt biscuits, perfectly cooked white toast, morning muesli with fresh Greek yoghurt. With the addition of water, the tropical notes switch to a warmer, richer baked tropics. The banana is now over ripe, the mangos are baked, caramel is now poking its head out and the malt driven backbone has now turned to cake. Pineapple sponge, orange poppy seed, and banoffee pie are all resting on the windowsill. 
Upon first taste, you will understand what I mean by “old school” whisky as you are immediately transported to the malting floors and warehouses of the golden era. Dusty cereal, barley, plenty of wet oak and malt biscuits give way to classic flavours of berries, candied citrus, dried stone fruits and honey. There is a herbaceous and spice element also, curry leaves, fresh picked bay leaves and cut grass. A medium weight mouthfeel adds elements of lemon meringue pie, creamy vanilla and the sugary milk left over from your bowl of Weetbix. Adding water intensifies the “sitting in front of an open fire, in a leather chesterfield, in a castle, in the middle of winter” feeling of this whisky. The citrus, tropical and vibrant characters are still present in the form of savoury orange peel, citrus oil, coconut, and lime lollies, but it is the warmth of the damp earth, moss, baked berries, eggnog, spiced custard, and hot apple pie straight out of the oven which gives you the WOW factor you look for in every whisky. 
The finish is a perfect symphony, tying everything together. Medium in length, baked lemon cheesecake, roasted mustard seeds and the backbone of malt is the last to bid you farewell. 
This is my style of whisky. I do love big bold sherry bombs and peat monsters, but give me a complex tradition style bourbon cask whisky any day. One I can sit down with at the end of the day, with a good book or movie and sip on it, the flavours hitting just the right amount not to take me away from what I am doing, but enough that when I take a break, I realise the whisky I am drinking is just delicious. This is that whisky…..