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When three whisky enthusiast from around the world, meet and form an inseparable friendship on Islay, there is only one thing to do.... Form a Clan, the Wu Dram Clan.

The Liquid Crew

The man from Japan, the samurai, fearless and always on our side.
Quality is at the top of the list for Taksad. He is the gourmet and convinces with his sensory skills.

The man from Munich, moving things in the background, hunting and analyzing in cold blood. No matter how tough the negotiations get, Boris will handle it. But in the end it has to be peated.

The man from the Black Forest, in front of the public, always in the front row and creating the buzz. Seb is the food hunter for liquid pleasure - no spot on earth remains undiscovered.

The Vision
We believe that in the end it is not the mass that matters, but entirely the content of the bottle. We have made it our goal to bottle only selected spirits. We stand for quality and sensory perception. Become a part of it!
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  • Wu Dram Clan Invergordon 1965 - 55 Years Old - Bourbon Cask
    Wu Dram Clan Invergordon 1965 - 55 Years Old - Bourbon Cask
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