Hampden Estate Pure Single Jamaican Rum

Hampden Estate Pure Single Jamaican Rum

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Hampden Estate 8 Year Jamaican Rum – After 250 years of only exporting its renowned rum in bulk to independent bottlers and merchants alike, Hampden Estate has finally produced and bottled their very own rum and it is a must-have for anyone who wants to enjoy an elegant flavor bomb of a rum that can be sipped neat or enjoyed in some amazing cocktails as as the classic Mai Tai.

Produced with unique and partly secret methods that have remained unchanged since the 18th century. The result is a rum with a distinct aromatic profile due to an extremely high level of esters. The rum has been aged for 8 Years in Jamaica (tropically aged), equivalent to almost 25 years of maturation in European climate!

Hampden Estate 8 Year Rum as with all rums by Hampden Estate is an authentic rum with no sugar or flavouring added. Complex in structure yet silky smooth and tropical.

Tasting notes: Intense, prunes, roast coffee and nuts, ripe banana and mango with candied orange, chocolate and polished wood.