Requiem Rum Ferret - NO LABEL
Requiem Rum Ferret - NO LABEL

Requiem Rum Ferret - NO LABEL

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Style WinnerĀ - World Rum Awards 2021
GoldĀ - Tasting Australia Best Australian Rum 2020
SilverĀ - Australian International Spirits Awards 2019
BronzeĀ - 2021 Australian Distilled Spirits Awards (ADSA)

Tasting Notes

Molasses, grass, caramel, cherry blossom, dark chocolate coated orange candy, orange peel and marmalade.

Seville orange with matcha Japanese green tea bitterness and chocolate.

The finish is reasonably long. What starts out as a duel between the sweetness of the port and the influence of the oak finished up as a waltz, or maybe a tango!


American Oak Port Casks
46% ABV
6 YO

This is a rum for grown-ups. The sickly sweetness so common in commercial rums is missing, so too the presence of added spices. It is smart, graceful and sophisticated.