The Whisky Jury Linkwood 1988 - 33 Years Old

The Whisky Jury Linkwood 1988 - 33 Years Old

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33 Years Old


47.5 % ABV - 700ml

Cask #2334



There’s a beautiful story behind this cask of Linkwood 1988. It was acquired from a family in Scotland that had just lost their father, who owned this cask for many years. As his children were looking to sell it, the cask ended up with The Whisky Jury. The name of the original owner is mentioned on the label, and the children each have a number of bottles to enjoy as a tribute to their father.

Nose: very refined. Dried yellow flowers, hints of hay and orange cake. Stewed orchard fruits in the background, as well as a hint of pineapple. Eucalyptus and mint, as well as some sweet spice. Subtle hints of balm and paraffin. Ferns and light whiffs of resinous oak. A bit of a diesel powered whisky, but really good.

Mouth: very aromatic again, with oily and spicy notes. A nice combination of herbal teas, pink pepper, yellow apple and floral touches. Very pleasant and rather natural. There’s a slightly sweetness to it, but also a nice acidity, entirely polished by age. Fine oak with a tiny hoppy note.

Finish: not too long, now integrating some nutty notes, more teas and a leafy (tobacco) note as well.

A true no-rush dram. Linkwood often lacks a bit of stand-out character in my opinion, so this wins entirely on balance, charming simplicity and the perfect integration of oak. It’s currently being distributed to TWJ retailers around the world and the price is certainly reasonable